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Kids Birthday? We've got you covered!

Having a proper pottery party makes for an extra- special occasion. The studio is well equipped, colourful and creative… the perfect place for a celebration! We've even designed an invite you can print off at home to spread the word!

Our children’s pottery parties last for 2 hours and are suitable for age 4 and upwards. You can expect your party to go a little something like this…

Arrive and make yourself at home. Laugh lots while raiding the fancy dress box (don’t forget the camera!).

Quick demo and explanation of tools and processes

Full tuition for all on the wheel. Your tutor will make sure everybody throws a pot.

Embellish, paint and decorate your pot. Get out all the toys and tools!

Sculpt, make tiles, paint, stamp and be a creative genius around the big pottery table.

Wash clay off hands (and faces).  Don’t worry, we’ll scrape it off the ceiling.  

Bring party food and cake if you fancy it and commence munching around 30mins before the end of your session. A buffet or little lunchbox style bag for each child works well.

Once everyone has said their goodbyes, we'll be busy finishing your pots until we contact you in 6-8 weeks time to say that you can collect them! They will be slowly dried, fired, glazed and fired again. Phew, and you thought being an artist was easy work!

For all the finer details please follow the link below and check out our cool Birthday snaps:


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